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How Can We Facilitate Effective Meetings?

I was always wondering why it is one of the biggest complaint from software developers that they need to attend too many meetings that do not represent added value to their work. I guess we could easily solve this problem with a change in the mindset of meeting organizers, facilitators and attendees as well... SIMPLE STEPS could make a BIG DIFFERENCE in our meeting culture and our meetings could worth the time we spend on them if we would follow the hints below.

Domain Mapping with the ModelMapper library

Most of the applications define data abstraction layers. Usually the entities of the different layers show some similarities and mapping is required to transform one model to another.
The ModelMapper library can be useful to help you resolve this task.

Contract Driven REST API Design

Apidoc.js is a great inline documentation tool for RESTful web APIs.
It goes really well with Spring REST applications, you just define your API documentation as inline comments in your classes and execute the apidoc command to parse the source files and generate a static HTML documentation out of them.

Behaviour driven REST API development with Spring

Bob was sitting desperately in front of a bunch of failing JUnit tests intended to verify the part of the application he just refactored.
The one who wrote them - to be honest it could have been any of us at a certain stage of our life - had the idea that JUnit is somewhat different from production Java: there is no need for code conventions, clean code, comments or whatever that could make the maintainer's life easier.

Microservice Module Architecture with Spring boot

The Spring implementation is presented in a minimalist book inventory app. This app offers basic CRUD functionality and some search functionality for handling books via book title and author.
The book entities are persisted in an underlying SQL database (in memory) for the sake of simplicity. On the creation of a new Book it is registered via an imaginary 3rd party "register book" endpoint returning with an isbn number.