agile content conf 2016

2016 found me at a new company with brand-new teams and at the beginning of an agile transformation which means that I will face with a lot of new challenges that will hopefully lead to new accomplishments as well.

Watch out for the blog posts about my recent impressions!

Now I would like to write about my first volunteering experience on agile content conf where the participants could learn practices to help teams work together on content.

I worked for two days on the event with a really great team. We did all the neccessary preparations on the day before and managed to host the conference so smoothly, I never imagined we could. These two days were really long and tiring but we got a lot of positive energy from the people who helped and who took part on the event.

What I really liked about this conference was that it gave me more than only speakers telling us stories and findings. On the other hand, the speakers were interviewed on stage and anyone could openly ask questions from them.

The setting of the Lilian Baylis Studio and the questions and answers created the perfect atmosphere for the two agile workshops on which the participants could communicate and try out practices that can ease and help the teamwork at their organisation.

Being part of this made me realise why I love being an agile coach:

  • I really enjoy making people able to come and work together,

  • to learn from each other,

  • to see their eyes when they discover that a practise or method is really helping.

Thanks for all the team members who brought this event to life and let me be part of it.

I am really happy that I took the chance to participate and that I could have my moments on stage as well. Even if this time it was only during rehearsal. ;)

I cannot wait what this year might bring because January was full of positive changes, challenges and excitement.