Tamas Lang

Having 10 years of professional experience in software industry I confidently design and deliver applications following Agile values.

I put focus on keeping high quality standards, producing clean, self describing code in a test driven way and leading technical innovation to bring competitive advantage to the customer.

My main interest lies in developing web applications, researching new technologies and tools, improving processes and helping teams to perform on their best level.

Timea Molnar

Having 9 years of professional experience in software industry first as Java developer then Scrum Master and Agile Coach in different kinds of organisations and teams.

I like driving the cultural change within organisations with coaching teams to become self-organised and training them about XP, Lean, Kanban and Scrum practices. I also love bringing people together with the help of organising open spaces and conferences where ideas and knowledge can be shared openly.

I am also passionate about UI/UX design and front end development.