THINGMONK Conference 2015

ThingMonk is a conference for developers, designers, data wranglers and decision-makers that want to turn ideas and concepts into industrial scale systems. And it really lived up to the expectations.

But let me start with mentioning the two main reasons why the event was special for me even before I attended:

  • I had been working with teams that were building an enterprise IoT platform and application solution for 6 months before and

  • I got a free ticket from the organisers through Women Who Code London whose mission is to inspire more women to excel in technology careers.

I really liked the topics of the conf, the wide variety of speakers, the venue and the nice food and drinks as well. But the best of all was the family-like atmosphere during the whole conference. I loved the ongoing communication between the speakers and the audience that I have never ever seen before on any other big occasions I have attended.

I also learnt here how much it means to be connected with others and to grab every opportunity to network with people who have similar fields of interest.

Conferences like this are playing an important role in continuous self-improvement:

  • you can always get to know new technologies,

  • acquire new skills and

  • break out of your comfort zone.

So I can only encourage the organisers to keep up the good work and everyone to drop by and I am sure that you will stay and will not regret it! :)