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THINGMONK Conference 2015


Functional approach in C#

Coming across a Daily WTF blog post about an inefficient C code written somewhere and somewhen

agile content conf 2016

2016 found me at a new company with brand-new teams and at the beginning of an agile transformation, which means that I will face with a lot of new challenges that will hopefully lead to new accomplishments as well.
Watch out for the blog posts about my recent impressions!

Agile Values and Teams

As a really great experience I had the pleasure to think together with Allen Holub at the Agile: principles, practices and architecture workshop on SDD Deep Dive conference.
We discussed a lot of topics in connection with agile, how it is misinterpreted and misused within a lot of companies, what useful practices can be used in order to define and develop a team's own process for working together efficiently and the connection between the organisational structure, the working process and the architecture.

Integrate JMS queue into a Spring Application

In this blog entry I describe a basic configuration you need to add to your Spring application for listening to jms messages on a queue.
I extend the book-inventory-boot example with a Jms Listener that receives messages on a queue and based on the Operation header in the message a Delete, Update or a Create is executed.